Welcome to Nimatic ApS

NIMATIC is one of  Europe ’s leading manufactors in equipment for handling coolants and lubricants for the machining industry. Equipment such as oil skimmer with and without build-in separatoremulsion mixer and refractometer, which can give large savings in the production and, at the same time, ensures the best environment for both humans and for machines. 

Nimatic Reversible Cleaner NRC-200     Suction_Unit_Maskintömmer_Fadpumpe
Nimatic has once again been inovative and created a new unique product. This time, an air-driven suction / Unloading device that sucks Approximately 200 liters of 4 min. and returns the same volume of less than 5 minutes.

Nimatic Oil Skimmer 2430E 
Nimatic Oil Skimmer 2430
Nimatic Oil Skimmer 2450
Nimatic Oil Skimmer 2480

Nimatic Oil Skimmer 2430M
Nimatic Oil Skimmer 2450M
Nimatic Oil Skimmer 2480M
Nimatic Oil Skimmer 2430F
Nimatic Oil Skimmer 2450F
Nimatic Oil Skimmer 2480F
Nimatic Oil Skimmer 2430P 
Nimatic Oil Skimmer 2430PM 
Nimatic Emulsion Mixer A-900 (aluminium)
Nimatic Emulsion Mixer R-900 (stainless steel)
Nimatic Emulsion Mixer M-900 (brass)
Nimatic Emulsion Mixer A-2000 (aluminium)
Nimatic Emulsion Mixer Auto 1000-60 
Nimatic Brix Refractometer
Nimatic Auto Refractometer
Nimatic Level Measurer (for 200 L barrel) 
Nimatic Drum Trolley
Nimatic Mixer Trolley


The headquarter in Naestved - Denmark where the production,

development, sales and marketing are based.